Thursday, June 29, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge: PopART:"Lia-Lyn"

I would like to state the following disclaimer regarding the above "pop art" photo.

1. I was going to skip this week's challenge, which was to go a step further with the Pop art (see the SelfPortraitChallenge website for more details). The reason I was going to "skip" my weekly routine is that I don't have digital software that can manipulate the pics as I have seen on the site and other places. As a result, I spend too much time cursing at my computer, trying to get it to do what it won't and wanting to go do something else...BUT, I persevered and....

2. This is the last week, so I figured, what the heck, I'll give it another go....SO, I learned that I STILL really don't like doing digital photography art. I will stick with glue on my hands and paint on my pajamas and limit my digital art enjoyment to oooing and ahhhing over my latest digital scrapbooking magazine knowing that I don't have that kind of time or patience.

3. I am a great fan of Marilyn Monroe. I really believe she was the most beautiful woman ever. After manipulating her photo and seeing it even closer, I was still in AWE. I also was humbled by the beauty emanating from her photos and was utterly astounded by how incredible homely an goobery looking I am. I thought my features resembled that of a four legged species instead of a glamour girl such as Marilyn.

4. It made me think, hmmmm...maybe I should wear more mascara and kinda do the "half-eyelid open" kind thing more often, "hi, honeeeey, glad your hOme..", he would look and me and say, "have you been sleeping?"...

5. I also thought, sheesh, I really need to get my homebody self off the friggin computer and get some junk done around here.....I've been approached way too many time by "mommy...are you there?" (glazed look in my eyes, no response)...another reason for staying away from digitally manipulating pics for 3000 hours....

6. So where was I, oh yeah, is this challenge over yet already?

So, Marilyn, I'm sorry I merged my face with you, ...but even a little girl like me needs a side glimpse of glamour every now and then.....


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"South Laguna", experimenting with mixed-media ATC

I'm really into the beach theme and think I will carry that throughout the summer in my blog....anyway, I'm experimenting alot with some different mediums I have been wantin' to try. I tell you, this took the longest of anything I've worked on thus far. It's got layers of build up on it, acrylics, color pencils, gesso, cut collage pieces and wallpaper, paint on top of that, some markers, you get the picture! Anyhow, I'm definitely trying things out. I make a lot of mistakes, I will tell you about a few pieces I made the last few days later. I recognize this is part of the process when you are trying to explore new territory. Anyhow, I do share almost every thing I make on my blog. even if I'm not 100% happy with it. It helps get me out of my comfort zone. Anyway, enough on that. Gotta go to the eyedoc again. I am still having trouble with my eye. Say a prayer for me or send happy thoughts my way, ok! Have a GREAT beachy day (if only in your mind! lol!)


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Time for a "Coffee Break", by artjunkgrl

The day started kinda crazy and I'm off again to see my friends for coffee. It's definitely time for a break! It's been raining here like crazy (but I don't mind as I think we need it). The girls ranshackelled the whole house yesterday making "forts" was fun though. Well, off I go.


(p.s. I could not get this to show up well on the scanner as it had some dark colors/layers....I try to upload it as close to the original as possible. I usually don't make one's this dark I guess...anyway, I used markers, crayon, pastels, over the painted background.) This was my "coffee break", I will be back to my beach obsession theme shortly! :) Lia

Monday, June 26, 2006

"beach house art" by artjunkgrl

Reminds me of the quote:

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home". ~Twyla Tharp

I love the places art takes me to...back in time, to places I've been or I want to go, to a colorful and happy world!

Where will you go today?


Sunday, June 25, 2006

"try it because...." by artjunkgrl

worked on this little collage last night. Had fun with it. Tried something new. I love putting together collages, it's like doing a puzzle and it is SO relaxing for me. It's definitely my "escape and relax" time!

Items used:
_wallpaper background (from discarded wallpaper books, check your local hardware store. I called once and they were begging me to take them!)
_sewing pattern piece
-vintage image from an vintage sewing magazine
-photo markers (I always use these for the black and white photos to add some light color). If you want to know brand, I will look it up for you.

About the quote: try it because...

try what you say? art, collage, going with the flow, that new dress, a new style, seeing things in more than one way.... you fill in the blank!

Have fun this summer! I'm "trying" to! lol!


Saturday, June 24, 2006

"life is beautiful" by artjunkgrl

Finally, finally, finally, sat down and did some "art" therapy last night. I have been so involved doing other things around here. I miss art after a few days! I am trying to work on mounting and also "pulling the collage together" with a top coating. I love all the art part, but the tech part does not come as easily to me! I need to step out of my "comfort zone" and add this last "step" to my collages. (another goal? I guess it's time to list my art goals......). Lol....One thing at a time, Lia...right?!

Have a GREAT weekend! xxoo Lia

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I need to "consider the season"....

I made this little ATC the other night (before falling asleep on my lap desk). It was a loooong day. I fit in some art at the very end. I've had a few health problems come up...I had a bad sinus infection which spread to my eye! yup, very rare, but just call me the medical mystery. I have a infection in my eye that I did not pay attention to until my vision was impared. With all the stress of graduation, end of year stuff and transferring my mom from rehab, I didn't listen to my body. I did not have any redness or irritation. It was just a gradual but steady cloudiness. At first I thought it was my contacts, so , dummy me, I kept changing them to a new disposable pair. I did this TWICE. Then I just started complaining that my vision must just be getting worse. DUH. Then I wake up one day and boom, I have a large cloud in front of my eye, no depth perception. I then, finally, made a dr. appt. Now, mind you, (and me), if my kids or anyone around me complained about having any ailment what so ever, I would have had them at the dr. in 2 nano-seconds. This led me to the question of


Is it laziness, is it that I'm just too busy and I ignore it, or is it that I don't think it matters enough?

Well, that was my wake up call. Apparently my doc says it will now take a while for this to get better and he is treating it "agressively".

So, why am I whining about all this???? Because I want to say to other women who may ignore signs their body is trying to tell them, (like me), to take care of yourself. After this happened, I took out my "to do" lists and found that only one or two things were on the list that I had to do for myself. I then made a NEW LIST.

It reads, "things I need to do for Lia":

1. make doctor appt. to make sure sinus infection isn't back and go on antibiotic again if necessary

2. get two new shirts and two new shorts so that I will stop wearing my daughters (until I have time to get some new ones).

3. clean out my makeup bag so I don't reinfect my eye.

4. Make a schedule for myself so I am not always so stressed out. Work on things I've been putting off. SO,

If you've gotton this far, I just want to say that I hope you make your list today too. What can you do to take care of yourself better? If you are one of those "got it together" kind of gals, what do you do to make sure you don't neglect yourself?

So, in summary, after working all day on junk around my house because I couldn't drive around town, today, I will take a break, "consider the season" and take my advice and get my girls outside and to the pool. I won't feel guilty. the chores and other things can wait. I want to be well so I can be with those I love, in health and for a long time!!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

from artjunkgrl's "studio"

from artjunkgrl's "studio"
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

From my desk last nite....I was "tidying up" my new "studio". Like I said before, it is in what we formally (or still call) the mudroom, so things end up in there as it's next to the garage, so things going in and out of the house (shoes, etc.) end up cluttering the place. Anyway, I am still sorting some stuff. Got this cool vintage pattern at the local second hand for 25 cents. I loved the color and style of the dresses! Thought it would be cool for a future collage or something, not to mention that the pattern papers inside also are great additions to a collage or other paper project. I just love anything related to sewing. I grew up around this stuff since my mom is a seamstress. She started sewing at age 11. She is way talented. I can only quilt. do not know how to do anything else. she didn't teach me to sew (although I often hung around helping her with little tidying tasks). The reason she would give for not teaching me is that I needed to "get an education" and not do these things. Later in life, I took up a quilting class. I LOVE to quilt. She really frowned upon it, even now that I am 40, ok, 41....she went on and on about the "quilts" and said why would I want to play with all those "little pieces". I told her it relaxed me. She doesn't understand. She said I should wait until I'm old and have blue hair.....she is a crack up. Think "big fat greek wedding" kind of mother. yup. that's my mom. As my sis says, "you just can't make it up.". Anyhow, I'm proud of her for raising us and making education so important, but the little girl in me is always wanting to sew, collage, or whatever. One funny thing happened though earlier this year. I showed her the quilted wall hanging I made from my class and asked her to "finish" the edges for me on her special machine. She took it home and promply called me to say that I had done excellent work on the back of the quilt! she was impressed. That's alot coming from "helga", (that's my nickname for her). Anyway, the reason I wanted to write "from my desk, to my blog" is that I wanted to write out a few "creativity" goals I have for this summer. They mostly involve learning, and I hope to make time to do some of the following:

1. Learn how to mat my collages on to mat board. I've seen a few of these from other artists and I'm amazed at how it makes the collage so sturdy and looking like a mini work of art. I hope I can learn how to do this. I will look into it. So much to learn, wish some of my blog buddies lived near so we could teach each other stuff!

2. I want to scan the collection of vintage photos I have of my parents. I would like to start a "fabric" book with the vintage photos of my mom sewing in her village. (my parents got married older, so essentially, they were old enough to really be my grandparents). Perhaps this is why I have that old world taste in everything. I just got my scanner back yesterday...after 3 weeks in the "repair center", so I am going to be scanning up some of my collages soon as well as the photos.

3. Do some "Freestyle" scrapbooking. This looks right up my alley since I love collage and pictures, and this style is SO much fun and anything goes, kinda like me!

4. Make one collage or painting on a canvas this summer.

5. make one large collage paper "quilt" and frame it (I already know what it's going to look like, just gotta get my junk together). and last but not least.

6. Participate in some swaps. I've heard of these and it sounds like alot of fun. Great way to meet more "artistas" too and have fun wrapping some things up.

Ok, maybe that's overly ambitious, I dunno, but at least this is what is on my mind right now. I do want to commit to staying creative and developing my artwork.

What are your "creative" summer goals?

~Have a great summer day! ~Lia

Monday, June 19, 2006

Summer Fun!

Summer Chalk drawing by daughter leni

(sidewalk chalk drawing by my daughter Leni)

My Summer "Chillin' Time"

It's summer and I want to play
Keep my to-do lists at bay
For I want to chill with my kids
Drink slurpees and take off the lids

I want to finally say "yes!"
When they ask me to work less
I want to chase down the ice cream truck
And let everything else run amuck

I'll trade in my sneaks for flips
"let's go to the pool" on my lips
I want to hug, kiss and protect
I want to be silly for effect

I want to let go and be free
I want to finally be me.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

My Father
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Dear Daddy,

You were so young and handsome here

You were so strong, you had no fear

I didn't know you, but I was to be

Your first daughter, that was me

I thought of you this morning

and all those special days

when I would give you hand made cards

that you would always save

I love how you used to tell me

that I'd "always be your girl"

I remember when you were

my entire world.

So today I want to say, that we're never really apart

For no one will ever take the place

That you have in my HEART.

~I love you Daddy
rest in peace

Friday, June 16, 2006

emergency kit...have art, will travel....

Friday Finds~Cute Tins, thanks Lilia
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

I had a few inquiries about my "art emergency" kit, ie, lapdesk and ephemera tote. I'd love to share what I do, thanks for asking. I love organizing stuff. The # one principal I've learned is that you "must do what works for YOU!" I think that about everything...even losing weight! I spent years trying to organize by the book, but it didn't work for me. So, having said that, here is what I do.

1. Everything I have bought for my art supplies has a "handle" or is portable. This is so that I can take it anywhere in the house. I have "most" of my stuff in one central area. I get most of my containers from either: $ store (they have alot of portable stuff), something unconventional around the house (tool box, basket with handle, etc. ). Most of them DO NOT CLOSE, they are open on top so that I can slip things in when I find them wandering off to another room in the house, OR, I can plop something in for a quick clean up. I am NOT "compulsive" about everything going in the right slot (for ex. I have a $ store tote with 4 compartments, I put 4 types of marker/pencil, etc. there. I can sort it later when I feel the need to.

2. I have a lap desk. I bought it at an office store, but I checked online and Container Store has it.
This is pretty sturdy, cleans easily and I don't flip open the sides. I just have it on my lap at the couch.

3. Minimal kit stuff: scissors, glue stick, paper, cardstock, a few embellishments.

4. I paint/save background I like ahead and also put those in a tote. When I see an image I like, I save it and I print them all at once. So, in essense, gather your fave ephemera and keep it in one place, over time, then you will have things at your fingertips.

5. When I sit at the couch I will grab, the ephemera tote, the background tote, and the writing implements. The other minimal kit stuff is in my lap desk.

If you all have any more questions, please ask! I can't wait to see what you all will come up with! Remember, you don't have to buy anything fancy, you can use stuff at home. If you have a printer, you can print out free images, you can paint some backgrounds on some junk mail, and there you go! Let your creativity do the rest!

Have a great weekend!

-Lia (artjunkgrl)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"TRY" by artjunkgrl

"TRY" by artjunkgrl
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

have not made a collage for a while. was so glad to sit and have some art time tonight. I used some of my painted newspapers here, My scanner is getting repaired right now so I took a digital pic. I may add something later, but happy to get something down tonight. :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge~POP ART (the invisible woman)

The Invisible Woman

Sometimes I feel invisible

Like I'm in someone else's dream

Sometimes I feel invisible

An outsider on the team

Sometimes I feel invisible

just swallowed up in fear

Sometimes I feel invisible

When I can feel others are near

Sometimes I am invisible

Doing everything for others

Sometimes I am invisible

Among all other mothers

Sometimes I am invisible

though I am told I am not

I try to speak but am silenced

Or that's how I was taught

Sometimes I try to surface

And scream out, "I AM HERE"

But I am silenced by the noise

in someone elses ear.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Another Corner in Room Re-do

Another Corner in Room Re-do
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

I'm still debating the curtain and the room needs something, can't put my finger on it...maybe a little red to jazz things up. perhaps in the new curtain? Help! What happened to my cottagy room? I don't know. KInda bummed on it's evolution....guess I've always thought this as a kids room so I don't know if art studio will happen here.

Had to run all day today, I'm exhausted. I'm going to rest a bit, have a cup of tea and frame some pics for the other wall tonight...I realized this afternoon that I don't have a specific theme going here. The pics I will frame tonight will have a family beach/vacation theme though. I dunno. I'm blah right now. Hit a "wall". LoL. Any suggestions welcome. Andrea- I want your help!!!! hope you visit tonight! Lia

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Close up of Corner shelves in Room Re-do

Close up of Corner shelves
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Well, I'm getting there. Here is one "corner" that is almost done. You can see more pics on my flickr, (click on corner to go there).

Here is what I've got left to do and what I've stumbled on....

1. I still have one big wall that is empty and I don't know what I'm doing there yet...but it can wait.

2. This corner is nice on top but there is a lot of junk on the desk I put below it. It's kind of an awkward corner....not sure how this will be organized.

3. Curtain: I bought this laura ashley curtain on ebay last year for my daughters room. I have 2 and they are really pretty and new. The color of the wall is in the curtain exactly, but it is still kinda bugging me. It's a little too flowery or bedroomy.....I've been trying to "use what I have", but I think I'd prefer something else here...will have to go search.

4. Problem: I think this room is looking like a nursery! it's the "mudroom" and I'd like to use it as a studio b/c I need the space, but I'm not feeling the artsy thing here....

5. I need to finish bringing in more art supplies. I did organize the white cabinet so I have room to stash stuff in there.

I'll have to sleep on it tonight. any and all suggestions welcome, and thanks for all the comments!

Apparently, I have more than 5 loyal readers, LOL! I've gotten a few sweet notes. Here is an email I got today from Janet.


I tried to leave a comment on Art Junk but wasn't I'm trying this method!

You can change the number to 6 loyal readers! I have only recently discovered your blog but I read it regularly now. I'm enjoying your room re-do and love the color you chose.

I have been very lax about leaving comments but I'm trying to do better....I understand their importance now that I have a blog of my own. Sometimes it feels as if I'm writing to myself!

And last, but not least....I like your artwork. I love paper, and think collage is fun but sadly I don't do nearly enough of it. Maybe you will be my inspiration to get busy!


"Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found."
James Russell Lowell


Thanks again. More soon, Lia
Vintage Fabric Frames on Newly Painted Wall

My Room Re-do

My Room Re-do
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

I'm still working, but I got a few things up. I finished all the trim/doors last night after a grad party and visiting my mom in the rehab. place! I am working on this room in between all the other things going on in my hectic life. So far, I've brought things from other parts of the house. I repainted this hanger in cottage white. It was red. (see before pic in earlier post). I also have some white shelves and the curtain hung and I will post those pics when that "corner" is done!

More soon,


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Living the Sidetracked Life~Room redo update

I'm getting there. Slowly moving things back and eliminating some things from the room. I plan to finish up the trim and get some stuff hung today! I'm hoping to not get too "sidetracked". I asked my hubby to try to keep me focussed, (he's military type). He responded, "I look at you and see how happy you are and think, 'should I re-focus her or just let her do her thing'?" I thought that was cute, because I didn't know he was thinking that.

So, I'm off again, hoping to not get "too" sidetracked and hopefully I will have a "close to finish" photo to post soon! I like documenting all this on my blog. It helps me see the progression. I hope I'm not boring anyone, but then again, there is the "next button" you can always push. LOL. So, to my 5 loyal readers, I bid you ado, and will loyally update you soon.

Hope you have a FANTASTIC, creative, weekend, filled with love and doing things that make YOU happy. Because when MOMMA is happy, everyone is happy!!!!

I'll be on my merry way....more soon! ~Lia

Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday's Finds~Linen's

Friday Finds~Linen's
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Here are my "Friday Finds". I "found" them at home! I got out my linens stash, (see cabinet photo) as I am currently making my "mudroom" into a "studio". Yes, I have decided on making it my studio! Anyhow, I am doing the "use what you have decorating" thing since I don't want to spend alot and I have some cool things I can use in a creative way. I saw some fabrics framed in one of my "country Living" magazines (my fave) and I have 4 of the large creme (cottagey) frames below that I bought from a second hand for $20 last year. The vintage fabrics are all from a lot I bought on ebay (also last year) and the one with the writing is from my (seamstress) mother's "attic" collection that was at my sisters. I'm painting the room in a mint green so I'm thinking I may frame the striped and written fabric and make a trio (2 striped, 1 with writing on center). We'll see. I'll keep posting pics of my room re-do. I love "finding" things to use in my own home. I've been married for 20 years and although I have dwindled down my "stash" to just things I love, I still have quite a few things I've bought for "someday" when...well, here I am, excited to do this room. I love the group MaryAnn (follow your bliss) started, Fridays Finds- you must check it out!! Viva la vintage and our great finds!

My sewing/craft/photo cabinet--lots of art junk!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Room Re-do Part 2

Wed., 1 p.m.
still painting...changed color...white is too son says change, bruno came home and gave me "the look"...I'm living on borrowed goal is to finish painting today and have decorated by tomorrow. talk about room re-do in a day...a sign of the times... the theme is moving towards shabby chic cottage (my fave) I'm off to Benj. Moore store cause I only had a pint of the color I chose. I was ticked that it was a BM one, because now I gotta treck out to there store....more later. I feel great to finally be doing this, sigh!!! yippeeeee! LK

Room Redo for my "Mudroom", will it be my new studio?

I'm knee deep in paint rollers, furniture, and trouble right now. I wrote a long post to my bloggie friends, but it got lost in blog-this land. So, here I go again, but much shorter since I have to get back to work. Here's the summary...

I have a mudroom I've wanted to paint for years.

I helped a friend paint her living room yesterday.
When I got home, my daughter said, why don't we paint the mudroom.
I said OK!
Now my husband is out of town.
Lucy is going to be in trouble when ricky get's home!
I'm painting it white.
I had the paint already.
I have ALOT of paint from past projects.
Will this be my "studio", I dunno yet.
It's kind of a "throughway" in our home with 3 entrances/exits.
I was painting last night for 3 hours.
I'm finishing up this morning.
while I'm painting, I'm thinking, "I can't believe I'm doing this right now." My daughter is graduating from high school tomorrow. Is this like "reverse" nesting intinct I got before the babies were born and I was painting and re-doing everything.
Seriously, this is the only room left to do on my first floor. It's blue, the rest of my stuff is creme, etc.
Will I be done before "bruno" get's home?
Stay tuned.

Warning: Do not try this at home.

Yes, I am a nut-case, but you all love me anyway, right?????

xxoo Lia

Monday, June 05, 2006

"The Road to a Friends house..." Collage by artjunkgrl

is never long!
~Danish Proverb

(click on photo to make larger)
To my dear blog friends and new friends~

The road to a friend's "blog" is CERTAINLY not long! Thanks for all your friendships, visits to my blog, and comments! You always make my day. I love sharing my art and my heart with you.


p.s. done on one of my "junk mail" backgrounds.
image free from one of my fave places, Art-e-Zine.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Summer's Coming!

Beach: "One step closer" by artjunkgrl
Originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

I just can't wait for summer.

It's in the midst!

We had a wicked thunderstorm last night, but it was so nice to know that everything parched got a drink and things cooled down a bit.

I really love the rain, but I also love the sunshine! I get all excited when I think about summer...being with the kids, no schedule, just playtime, watching them bob up and down in the pool and play with their friends. all free and happy.

my youngest, JJ, loves to skip. she's a "young" 8 year old. everything is exciting to her. it's so much fun to see things through her eyes.

well, hope you all are excited about summer.

oops...almost forgot....I need a good "beach" read. another fun. I'm on the lookout, haven't indulged in a good book in I don't know how long! any good recommendations?