Sunday, August 20, 2006

"The Graduate" by artjunkgrl

"The Graduate" by artjunkgrl, originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

We are coming up on a new year of school after a (somewhat) restful but overall wonderful summer. After taking a "summer blog break", I've decided to move over to a typepad address. This will hopefully allow me to post more often with less difficultly uploading.

....I'm excited about the change and about being able to share even more fun stuff on my blog.

Please visit me at my new website address

Friday, August 11, 2006

ART JuNK~ Bloggers who are "DAL's"

DAL (Doin' a Lia)* phrase coined by my blog sista Jude!

Check it out!



What are YOU waiting for????


your crazy DAL sista

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Doin' a Lia again...what are YOU waiting for???

had a family art fest today....layed out all the newspapers and did a "lia" as Jude would say! lol! below is the beginning of my first painting on canvas. it's called, "art therapy"

So, what are you waiting for, doesn't this look like fun?! well it is!

Monday, August 07, 2006

got fabric scraps? make a quiltie!

I made this little "crazy" quilt collage this afternoon. I know it's random. It was free flow, from a bunch of scraps I had saved in baggie. I love quilts and fabric almost as much as paper! xxoo L.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

New "vintage fashion" blank book I'm workin' on...

  a work in progress. this is a second one I started from a blank book I bought at $ store. The gorgeous vintage fabric came in from a round robin buddy of mine who I am also participating in a round robin with. I'm really getting into making these books! I worked on this one this afternoon. I've actually been pretty fatigued today...(it's been quite a week!) but it was nice to have something sitting there to work on while watching a movie with my hubby on sat nite. more soon! I really want to learn to "embellish" altered books and I'm reading up more on that. Oh, my youngest wants to do a RR with me! she wants to salvage the book that I damaged with the fabric softner sheets! can you believe it???? she's only 8!!! she made her first chunky book. it's on my flickr. she made a page in my friends book and then I did one last nite. now it's her turn. she signed in on the front page and everything! I still get a kick out of her asking me to use the "gesssso"....!!! she's my little altered art princess! ~L. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 03, 2006

sneak peak inside RR book

Hi all! I'm workin' on a round robin altered book. I'm doing a "retro homemaker" kind of theme. It is way fun. I'm still learning. I started out doing another older book I got from an antique place....well, I ended up scrappin' it as the pages were coming unglued (my see..."Lucy" (that's decided she would freshen up the book by putting in softner sheets here and there and letting it set for a day). I started to work in the book a few days later and started gluing stuff down. then I would go back and it would peel away. I then used every glue in my "arsenal", even went out and bought PVA, the only one I didn't have. well, it happened again. then while talking to one of my RR friends it dawned on me that I had softened the pages with the sheets! I thought it was the humidity...(well I'm sure that didn't help), anyhoo, I was so stubborn about staying with the book until I figured it out. Well, anyway, I learned something,and I really like working on a clean slate (although I love the altered book look with the words in background). Oh well, more to learn, more to learn.

MOM update, all is well, took her for her check up yesterday and she is getting cast off tomorrow. WWWOOOOOHOOOO!!!! I am beside myself that she is well and happy. Hug your MOMMA today or call her if you can. I thank God that she is doing better. The doc called her the "bionic woman" yesterday, lol. Bless her heart!

Happy Day all!!!! I don't know how much I can post for rest of summer, but I will be poppin' in from time to time. I am thinking of all of you though! xxoo Lia