Thursday, March 30, 2006

journal junk: "Time"

journal junk: "Time", originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

It's all about time again....LK

"Wish Upon a Star" by artjunk

Go check out Inspire Me Thursday. You can see lots of great art there! Definitely out of my league but I am learning and meeting incredible artists there, it's open to artists of all levels--don't be shy, go create something!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tag: "Friends have fun" IMT. monochrome challenge.

  thought this would be way easy but I did not have alot of green "junk" in my ephemera box....I used some green paint, markers, and watercolor crayons. LK Posted by Picasa

Mixed Media Memoirs-At times would like to go back and....

Spend More Time with my DAD. miss you. LK

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Self Portrait Tues.-Time

I was going through my "inbox/aka paper pile" this morning. I realized how crazy march has been. Here is just a sampling of schedules/forms/notes that have come thru here this week alone: birthday invite (fri), book report due, chorus fieldtrip (I'm going on today---have you tried making a 11 year old dress into a starched tuxedo shirt at 6:30 a.m before? not fun)...., college night talk (tonight), lax game schedule for 2 kids (tonight), volunteer form with my time slot for school fundraiser (tomorrow), note from my son to wash his lax socks (today). Ironically I found a paper in my "stack" with a clock on it that my daughter doodled this week. This is life with four kids. It's a wonder I am still sane....I guess...LK

Monday, March 27, 2006

Getting my artjunk organized! Some great links for you!

I am totally lovin' this The Organized Studio CD I bought from Vickie Enkoff's site! I am at a point where things are getting a little "out of control" in my art space. I have read ALOT of organizing books over the years and I love that this one is focussed on the art studio. I've gotten alot of great ideas here and am looking forward to reading more. It's really motivating me. I'm really excited about finding this site. I found out about it from BeX Arts. BeX is a mixed media artist. Don't miss her website, it's really well developed and easy to navigate through. Check out her artwork and great links. There is also a great tutorial on art journalling backgrounds. I just love the credit card technique. Now I save all the one's that come in my "junk" mail. They spread the paint beautifully and quickly and I take the card (as learned in an altered book club class) and spread the remainder on a few tags for later use. This has been a great thing to learn for me as I tend to use too much paint. It's quick and easy and fun. Now I'm off to write in my art journal before I go visit my mom in hosp. This will be surgery no. 5 for her injured leg. I was up all night worrying about it. This too shall pass. She is really over the worse.
more soon. :)LK

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Back to Tag: Chapter # 3: "WRITE"

Chapter # 3: "WRITE", originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

This is #3 in my little school series. :)
Going to a friend's 40th bday tonight. Girls Night Out! I haven't seen her in ages. I never like to turn down an invitation to see an "old" friend!LK

Getting Older? poem by artjunkgrl


I see my morning mirror*

Which tells me of my age*

I glance for just a moment*

For evidence of this phase*

I'm in the car driving*
And pull the mirror down as I sit*
I cannot help but pull the sides*
For my instant 'face lift'*

When I let go*
The lines scrunch back in place*
And I wonder to myself*
How fast time changed my face*

For in my heart I'm but a girl*
Still happy with lifes suprise*
I guess this is also how my mother feels*
And that's what I surmise*

So when I'm back at the mirror for nightly care*
I realize that the girl in me will always be under there.* LK

Friday, March 24, 2006

journal junk--"have you hugged someone today?"

I'm kinda sorta doing my morning pages here too. I am just lovin' my art journal. I love how the pages get all thick and bulky and colorful! This is my bliss for sure! I didn't write in it yesterday and had a yucky day. Today I got out some of my "internal junk" and got to do it with some pretty pens! yippee. I'm off to the hosp. to see mother dearest. More soon! Leave a comment if you like my aj's and give me some advice if you have any favorite pens. I think I'm becoming a pen-marker-a holic now. Have a great day! ((HUGS!!!)) LK

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday, "Think BIG"

Finally finished "BIG". Read the next post for my comments on my lessons learned from this "big" step. LK

"BIG" story about the Inspire Me Thursday "Big" Challenge

I should have known. The "BIG" challenge was coming soon.....When I saw this, I felt like I did when SPT announced the "ALL of ME" challenge. This weeks ...Inspire Me Thursday challenge was to take whatever you normally do art wise, and kick it up a notch (in size). Well, for me, this was indeed a very BIG challenge.

First of all, we are talking "tag/atc" size lady here. I love doing collage and guess why? Because I get to cut things into tiny little pieces! Ever since I was a young girl, I would do this. It used to drive my mother nuts. So I digress. Most of my collages are small. When I have tried to venture into making them bigger, I kind of get in a panic and start getting blocked--big time---I'm talking, I have NO idea what to do. I get caught up in the "how" instead of the what and then I just say, "I'm not ready" and go on my merry way, back to my portable desk in which I have my paper "stash" of goodies, glues, and buttons and all is right with the world again! Small is so good for me because I don't have time to finish anything big and with small tags I get a feeling of accomplishment before I have to carry on with the other umpteen things I gotta do 'round here.

This is the "process" I went through during the BIG challenge and thus what I learned:

Day 1
: First of all, I take these weekly challenges seriously. I feel like I won't be doing "my homework" and the teacher is going to reprimand me. LOL. I know no such thing will happen, but I feel like I would be letting them down. So I have a compulsive side of me that was not going to let me "off the hook" on this BiG thing. Lesson learned: I may be compulsive, but at least I'm determined when I get a "challenge".

Day 2: I kept waiting for inspiration to strike. Nothing. I thought, ok, I should get one of those little canvases that I always buy "on sale" but never venture to open. So, there's a start. (If you are getting bored, just skip to the anyhow, now I have my "victim", a piece of medium size canvas. I proceeded to take the wrapper off....there, that wasn't so hard. I say to myself, "ooooo, this doesn't feel like I thought it would. I though canvas was all stretched tight...this has a little bounce in the middle...oh, well, I guess that's why it was on sale..."

Day 3
: the canvas is still sitting at my dining room table. I play the whole "blank canvas song" in my mind. Something about fear of the dreaded "blank canvas". Then I think, "well, I'm not a 'real' artist, so I have nothing to lose, I think I got this at michaels for....a buck or two.. Ok, gotta go make dinner"....

Day 4: Ok, Julia Cameron says, "Show up at the page". I think, "Ok, that's half the battle. But I have to have a plan. Where is that canvas collage book? Ok, lookie here, this doesn't look so hard.." I get out the paints. "oooo, look at all these goodies. I think I'll use this color, then use a darker color on top for glaze, like I saw in the book. Then I'll mix that glaze stuff because that looks all shimmery and cool. I paint the canvas. Hey, I'll try out this crackle medium too...Then I leave it there. Gotta go do stuff with the kids. This is a good thing for me, I can take breaks and get other stuff done while this is drying..."

Day 4: (evening) Back at the page. "This looks like CRAP!" What happened? Lesson # 4: don't use glazes and crackle all of the same surface. yuk! I ended up with gummy yucky junk on the canvas. sheesh. They said to "jump in", but that didn't mean I had to use all the mediums I have here on one canvas....patience and a plan. two things I'm lacking here.

Day 5
: Morning: "ok, I have to fix this junk. has anyone seen the spackle spatula?" I start to scrape the gunk over the sink, "Mommy! We have to leave NOW! and I think one of our fish is dying! ", uh oh, I shouldn't be doing this right now...yikes.....I'm throwin' this thing in the trash as soon as I get back. "Has anyone fed the fishies?" I yell.

Day 6
: Afternoon: Ok, I don't want to throw this thing away, I have to fix it. I have to persevere. I should be collaging on this. I collage, so I need to do big in collage....ok, that's perfectionistist thinkin' again. Ok, I think, I know, I'll just paint a flippin' flower on the dang thing. Georgia O'Keefe...she did flowers. flowers are ok. Ok, I'll do one flower and be done with this. At least it will be complete. Sheesh. I have a lot to learn, what happened to just having fun....".

Day 7: When I get back from droppin' Rich off I'm planting that flower on that bad boy and finishing the, I should be cleaning my house right now...enough already....I'm hyperfocussing!"

Ok, I'm back. I plop a bunch of colors on a paper plate (artist extraordinare Then I yell, "hey, who took my green paint, flowers need some green!" ...."I didn't do it" one of them says....Lesson learned: I need some peace and quiet while I'm workin' on something. Gotta get my "meme" homework done before the kids come home! I think I also need to get some order going here in what the girls take from my desk and perhaps I need a secret locked up cabinet of my fav. stuff. Another lesson, I need some ephemera in a variety of sizes if I'm going to go beyond the scope of tags. Time to organize again! Big, shmig, I need a hot bubble bath...

Ok, so this was my process. I know someone is going to write and tell me they KNOW I haven't been doing my morning pages and that I need to dial-a-blog-therapist. My point is...I don't know what my point is...oh yeah, I guess I learned something from going BIG and that is that I think I have a while to go before I get there! But I learned alot trying! LK

p.s. pictures to follow, promise, in two minutes...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mixed Media Memoirs this week-"I conceive in my life..."

I just love Melba's Mixed Media Memoir challenges. The challenge this week is the following prompt:"I conceive in my life ______>". It certainly is not one which I don't think of often. Although I'm not one of those people with a "5/10/15 year plan", When I think of the future, I conceive spending more time with my Bruno (my DH), luvin on my kids, joking around and having fun, with family and friends, and of course doing ART and having it be a daily part of my life. I am also one of those people who tries to conceive something good, meaningful, and beautiful in each day. I hope that Love will always be at the "root" of whatever I do. Life is really what we make it, I've learned and I can say that because I've had to overcome alot. I also believe in the little things. The little things are what make life GRAND! What do you conceive in your life? LK

junk journal for today-"explore"....

What r u waiting for????LK

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday-"Drivin' in ma car..."

 I often take pics from my car (with 4 kids, I'm there Anyhow, I started doing this after getting involved in SPT. I try to always have my camera with me and when I feel compelled to take a pic, I do. Some of the above are of random places I end up in "mom's taxi". One or two are nearby. My favorite one above is of my son walking to practice after I drop him off. I usually sit and watch until he get's to the field. I'm not a "drop off and leave" person. I linger....I love watching every moment with my kids. I know that soon they will walk away into the world on their own, so I relish each moment, even a daily mundane one such as this. sigh....LK Posted by Picasa

Gratitude page in my Journal Junk Art Journal

Here's another

Blue Dog! Ask and you shall receive! More "junk" soon! LoL! hugs. LK

Monday, March 20, 2006

My Random Art Journal

 I recently started filling up my art journal. I want to do this several times a week. It's a great way to journal all my random ideas. LOL. I also tried out my first "puncher" tool I bought at michaels. More to come....LK Posted by Picasa

at home with artjunk~

I've been on a cleaning/organizing spree lately. I kept busy this weekend doing things around the house and spending much needed time with my family at home.
My Mom has been in hosp./rehab for a broken leg and serious wound from an accident in Jan. I am her only family here so she depends on me to be there all the time. I want to be there for her as much as I can, but often feel stretched between her and my family. I am worn down from the whole bit, but I'm trying to stay hopeful and use my time the best I can when I'm at home. When life is crazy like this, I use the energy to kinda get things in order around here so they work better when I'm not home and when I am home. I kinda get this spring cleaning bug every year anyway. I am now setting up another little "studio" off of my kitchen in addition to the desk I have upstairs in my room. I do my daily "art journalling there" and like being close to the kids. At night I sometimes spend time at my desk while my hubby is watching tv or whatever. The plan is to make it easy for me to kind of work in bits. That is the only way I can do art: incorporate it into my life somehow. I haven't quite figured out what I'm keeping upstairs and down here and I also need to hang some stuff over my desk. The pic above is my "work in progress". I am now in the organizing phase. I'm also doing some tags and art journalling as I go along. It's been nice to organize it all so I can grab the journal I do MMM in, etc. SO, this is what I did these last few days:
---started setting up art area off of kitchen
---my daughter painted and covered her own art journal in the pic above. she was doing this while I was setting up my area, She made a "makeshift" studio of her own in the middle of the kitchen to emulate her mom. She's my youngest. All my kids are creative. I love watching what they will do next. :)
---I covered an old magazine holder with my big lots toile contact paper. I need to corral my somerset studio mags. I have lots of magazines. They are very hard for me to let go of, although I occassionally weed through and get rid of maybe one or two....LOL.
---I also framed a collage I made and hung (photo above). I've never framed and hung anything I've made so this was a suprise. It kind of goes with some things I have over in the "corner". We'll see if I keep it there. I have this thing about looking at my own art long term. I can only do it for a bit and then I put it away. I guess I'll have to check and see what Julia Cameron says about that (Artist's Way). I'm sure there is some weird reason why. LOL. I also have some things to post on the AW and will do so soon. :)LK

Friday, March 17, 2006

Mixed Media Memoirs for this week: When I get quiet I wonder about....

Check out this weeks entries at the Mixed Media Memoirs website!.

I've had a nutty week here. Hope to get some art and blog time this weekend!!! Miss you all! LK

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: "The Red Couch" through the test of "TIME"

 This red couch has been in our family for years. It now resides in my living room, passed down from my Mom. It was often the place we sat for family photos. My favorite of course is the one with my Dad holding my sister and I. Another is of my family and my sisters after marriage and kids. That was taken several years ago when the children were young and my Dad was alive. My daughter and her best friend pose in their homecoming dresses, there are many more, although many of our family pictures now are taken in my family room. When my Mom moved out of our childhood home, she gave me the "red couch". I reluctantly accepted. First because it was not my my husbands favorite and also because I also associate much childhood chiding of, "don't play in the living room" and "don't sit on the couch and moosh the pillows" or "watch that vase". I swore I would not have a "formal living room", but here I sits in a room by itself and I do catch myself yelling, "don't RUN in the living room". LK Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 12, 2006

"Remember the good times...."

"Remember the good times....", originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

Just for Fun~ "I DON'T do windows."

I've always wanted to say that! LK

Friday, March 10, 2006

Back to Tag for a bit: "They warned me ABOUT you...."

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Inspire Me Thursday-"Sense-less" Art Challenge

 When I read about this challenge, this is how I interpreted it.

1. The first thing I thought of was "fingerpainting"-getting my hands messy! I remember how much fun it was to do this as a child. I took a blob of an old leftover paint in a color I would not normally use and put it on waxpaper. Then I painted the background. Then I put some yellow for my hand and swirled it around...FUN!

2. I put my handprint down on the page. Ok, so I had to think a little to fit it down on there...I don't have little baby hands anymore, lol.

3. I thought of how the challenge said to quiet myself, "forget about the laundry calling you". That made me think of how repetitive daily life is which led to the words I chose to place on the favorite repeats, of course.

4. The rest is up to your interpretation!

It was a challenge to not use my senses, but I honed in on the following criteria-I used colors I stay away from (aqua)
-got hands dirty (normally don't indulge in that, and I still have paint in my nails), husband said last night, "look at mommy's nails!"
-had fun and didn't think about a purpose, plan, etc.

Have a great day now! I just love ART. It makes this big kid very happy! LK Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday~5 Senses~Invention for my "rubberstamp junk"!

I’m excited! This past week, Inspire Me Thursday had a challenge to make something using all our senses. Well, naturally, I ended up in the kitchen. I had this cupholder in my car that I was about to throw away when I had one of those “idea” looks. You know the one. I knew this cupholder was going to be my “victim” this week. I got out the paints this morning and went to work. I wanted to make something related to coffee. I even got some coffee beans out…but Inspiration took me on a different path. The little one came down and said, “mommy, you have to add some pink”. She made some paint for me by mixing colors and saying, “mommy, see!” Then I still didn’t know what I was going to do with this thing. I went out to take my girl to school and run my errands and when I came back, I took the holder up to my art desk. Then it hit me! I never have anything to put my rubber stamps in when they are wet, and I love to “corral” all my junk so “voila”, I have a rubber stamp holder and ink holder. Thanks Inspire Me Thursday for helping me think “out of the box” and challenging me. This was fun! I think I just invented another thing for my “art junk”! LK

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

MixedMediaMemoirs: "The Page I Want to Burn"....

This weeks challenge for

Mixed Media Memoirs Taken from old weight charts and weight journal. I really wish I never had to worry about my weight or FOOD! This exercise showed me how much I focus on it. I need to "burn" this page and stop worrying about my weight. Freed up brain space is always good for me! Anyway, this literally became the "page I want to burn" in my art journal. I didn't like how it turned out and I felt anxious about it as well as all the things I had to do today. I really need to find some quiet time to do my artwork without feeling pressed....yeah, right! But anyhow. I did relax and I'm off for the day, thankful for what any time I have to pursue my interests. :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

This is what happens when you put off your Scrapbooking.....

 When I was in school, I was always one to cram for exams. Now I'm cramming, but this time it's different. Today was day two of a "secret meeting" at my scrapbook lovin' friends home. She has agreed to answer my pleas for help. Now, before you start to oooo and ahhh over my first page (if you would, lol), I have to confess. I'm guilty of being the worlds worse memory keeper for my kids. Did I take pictures? Yes. Did I save all there pictures, scribbles, doodles? yes. Did I put them in a scrapbook or album for safekeeping. No. So, why am I so guilty? Because the spread above shows baby pictures of my girl who is now a high school SENIOR. Yes, this was the first spread I did last month. I have 17 more years to cover and my final exam is on June 6th of this year. Where did the years go???? I kept saying, "one day, BUT I have to organize my photo's first." Well, guess what? It was just like my father in law said when Maria was born, "Enjoy it honey, because before you know it they'll be askin' for the car keys". He was right (although I didn't think it at the time). I kept putting it off and here I am. I have an 'F' right now in scrapbooking. I really admire the Mom's who have seen to it that they do this regularly. I hope to suprise her with this at Graduation. No, I will FINISH this book and present it to her on her graduation. I can't let myself do this anymore. Time is flying by...and I don't want to miss another minute....LK Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 04, 2006

ART JUNK Girl's Quote of the Day

ART JUNK, originally uploaded by artjunkgrl.

"A work of art enters life very much like another human being – complicated, loaded with overtones and meaning, mysterious, enticing, obsessive, and beautiful. There's no way to control how it will be used, how it will be read, and that's part of the excitement of it." B. Hopkins