Saturday, August 05, 2006

New "vintage fashion" blank book I'm workin' on...

  a work in progress. this is a second one I started from a blank book I bought at $ store. The gorgeous vintage fabric came in from a round robin buddy of mine who I am also participating in a round robin with. I'm really getting into making these books! I worked on this one this afternoon. I've actually been pretty fatigued today...(it's been quite a week!) but it was nice to have something sitting there to work on while watching a movie with my hubby on sat nite. more soon! I really want to learn to "embellish" altered books and I'm reading up more on that. Oh, my youngest wants to do a RR with me! she wants to salvage the book that I damaged with the fabric softner sheets! can you believe it???? she's only 8!!! she made her first chunky book. it's on my flickr. she made a page in my friends book and then I did one last nite. now it's her turn. she signed in on the front page and everything! I still get a kick out of her asking me to use the "gesssso"....!!! she's my little altered art princess! ~L. Posted by Picasa


Nancy Baumiller said...

Your book is looking wonderful Lia! It looks like so much fun! Embellishing is a tough one for me decorating my home...never know exactly where to put things..ah glad you daughter is getting in on this RR AB..sounds like shes hooked hehe...another tiny Art Diva :)

tracy loves pink! said...

I LOVE this! I had to share with you something I got as a comment on my blog by a foot fetish guy who found my "ugly toe"...

Your hurt toe looks beautiful! In fact your entire foot is a 10!
Posted by: John Myers | Aug 03, 2006 at 11:57 PM

yikes! oxox

Judy Scott said...

this sounds so cool my girls have been decorating their folders too,ready for returning to school next week must post pics soon. love all your summer work, hugs Jude x

artjunk~ said...

Thanks my sistas!

Tracy---OMG. that is SO wierd, but I have a story like that too.....I was getting all these hits to my site when I posted my soccer mom "feet" pix. SO way weird. I deleted the post....yikes....but your foot being a 10...what a hoot! I love how you linked the last one's. my fave was the crying one!! You are so cute! thanks for the fun! xxoo Lia

andrea said...

Hey you! I LOVE this. The black fabric looks so good with the photo.
Sorry I havent emailed you back. I broke my foot a week and ahalf ago and have been in bed in pain. The hubs took all last week off to play mother.
Anywhoo, I just missed you today and thought I would pop over and see what you've been up to.
Love the art fest with your girls. How very cool!
Talk to you soon,