Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Here's one of the earlier entries, first book. many of my favorite's all on one page. coffee and chocolate, my lists, picture of a strong woman-Jackie.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Here is a spread in my first altered book. This is my fourth spread. I'm finally back in action! I'm working away in this first book and exploring all the different things (trying not to obsess too much about perfectionist tendencies).
I'm adding copies of old pictures I have, some new scrapbook stuff, fabric, ribbon and an illustration that neni made with hearts that I had saved. It's always difficult for me to throw away there little notes and drawings! A sentimental persons best friend is the altered book and collage journals!!! Finally a home for all my scraps of history. I finally set up my craft area and now I'm ready to go (I have carved out a small corner in my bedroom---I was never getting around to anything with everything in the basement). I put everything I needed most in my desk. It's a cozy area by a window. So much easier when things are all in one place and accessible. neni sat and did homework and read next to me while I was working on this spread. We had classical music on in the background. It was so relaxing! She later worked on her own spread! I will post up in few minutes. Got to get back to reality now! Make dinner, go to meeting, but always looking forward to coming back to my art! So much to learn. I love it! L.