Monday, July 17, 2006

junk finds and junk poem

Found this fabulous box of song sheets for $6 on my summer junkin' trails (exits I make my husband veer off some are so pretty I want to frame, others I can use for my art and swaps :)! I love junking!

A Poem for my fellow junkin' queens!*


I love to hunt for treasures
because it's so much fun
I try to ignore my husbands pleas
when I hear, "it's time to go hun!"

I love seeing those big ole billboards
Honey, "Antiques 1 mile ahead!"
my husband rolls his eyes and pretends
he didn't hear what I just said...

But sometimes I get my way
And lure him off the road
He insists on following me inside
To remind me there's "no room to load"

Before he finishes I've left him behind
playing "hide and go seek" in my mind...

I find lots of little nooks and such
with ephemera and photos in mind
Knowing that regular stores
don't offer anything in this kind

I like to rescue what people don't want
and make into something good
I know the people that were left behind
once did that when they could

The vases, jewelry and books bring me back
the nostalgia overwhelms me
as I overfill my sack

"Oh there you are" my husband chides
I can't believe I'm found
But the more I try to leave the past
the closer I am bound.


**click on my sidebar Friday Finds (my inspiration!) we are all codependent junkers! lol!


Nancy Baumiller said...

what a fun poem! I love it!! It made me smile and giggle! I also love the treasure you found! :) love and hugs!

Judy Scott said...

Absolutely brilliant, an artist and a poet!! Fab finds as well, Jude xxxx

andrea said...

This was such a GREAT poem!! I loved it and identified so much with it. I adore your new find. I know you will frame these beauty's perfectly.
Nice find!

firstborn said...

ditto what everyone has said!

i totally love your POEM! it's exactly what happens to me & my hubby lol!!!>>>yes, we are blog sistas, no doubt about that!

have a good rest of the summer my dear friend>>>go on & create, create & create!

can't wait to see what you've done!!!

love to you,
mary ann xoxo

Anonymous said...

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